Programme Title

One-to-One Consultations

OverviewOne-to-One Consultations can be held at Home or at Work
Feedback & Outcomes“Well balanced & delivered with clarity & care” – Matron
“Good prompt to get a forecast on my NHS Pension” – Staff Nurse
“Made you want to think & plan for your Retirement” – Mental Health Officer
“Really good overview of how to manage investments” – Ward Clerk
“Exceeded my expectations. What more can I say” – Midwife
“Everything I needed to know was covered & more” – Medical Secretary
“Lots of information. Well worthwhile attending.” – Health Visitor
“Now I understand the NHS Pension Scheme after paying in for so many years!” – Physiotherapist
“Prompted me to review my nominations for NHS Pension survivor benefits” – Radiographer
“Very helpful reminder regarding the need to manage your finances into retirement.” – Nurse
Duration1 – 2 hours
Suitable for…All Staff of all ages
  • The NHS Pension Scheme
  • State Pension
  • Previous Employer Pensions
  • Private Pensions
  • Financial Planning
DetailThe NHS Pension Scheme
Overview of the NHS Pension Scheme
(The 1995, 2008 & 2015 Sections of the NHS Pension Scheme)
Will I be affected by the introduction of 2015 Section?
Why am I affected by the introduction of the 2015 Section?
Contributions and eligibility
When are retirement benefits payable
How are your benefits calculated
How to apply for your benefits
Flexible retirement & Draw Down
Life Assurance & Family Benefits
Increasing your Benefits
I believe that I can increase my Pension by an additional £6,500 per year through the NHS Pension Scheme?
How can I do this & how much does it cost?

State Pension
Getting a forecast
Reviewing any shortfalls
Making additional National Insurance Contributions

Previous Employer Pensions
Tracing any previous employer pensions Reviewing pension forecasts

Private Pensions
Tracing private pensions Reviewing pension forecasts

Financial Planning
Overview of the concept of Financial Planning Pre & Post Retirement Budgeting
Jargon Buster
Creating your own Financial Plan