Programme Title

NHS Pension Update Seminar


The NHS Pension Update Seminar is a half day Event designed for all Staff.

The Event is structured around 2 Main Topics.

The NHS Pension Scheme Financial Planning

Each topic is supported by a Guest Speaker.

Seminar Feedback & Outcomes“Really well delivered day. Well balanced & delivered with clarity & care” – Matron
“Good prompt to get a forecast on my NHS Pension” – Staff Nurse
“Made you want to think & plan for your Retirement” – Mental Health Officer
“Really good overview of how to manage investments” – Ward Clerk
“Exceeded my expectations. What more can I say” – Midwife
“Everything I needed to know was covered & more” – Medical Secretary
“Lots of information. Well worthwhile attending.” – Health Visitor
“Now I understand the NHS Pension Scheme after paying in for so many years!” – Physiotherapist
“Prompted me to review my nominations for NHS Pension survivor benefits” – Radiographer
DurationHalf day – 9.30am – 12.30pm
Suitable for…Designed for all Staff of all ages
Programme Content
  • The NHS Pension Scheme
  • Financial Planning
Programme Detail
The NHS Pension Scheme
Overview of NHS Pension Scheme
(The 1995, 2008 & 2015 Sections of the NHS Pension Scheme)
Will I be affected by the introduction of 2015 Section?
Why am I affected by the introduction of the 2015 Section?
Contributions and eligibility
When are retirement benefits payable
How are your benefits calculated
How to apply for your benefits
Flexible retirement & Draw Down
Life Assurance & Family Benefits
Increasing your Benefits
I believe that I can increase my Pension by an additional £6,500 per year through the NHS Pension Scheme?
How can I do this & how much does it cost?
Financial Planning
Overview of the concept of Financial Planning Pre & Post Retirement Budgeting
Jargon Buster
Creating your own Financial Plan
Group Size
We always endeavour to run Events that are interactive, personal, friendly & inclusive.
This tends to work better with a slightly smaller group.
With this in mind, we look towards a Max Capacity of 15 Delegates for each Event.
NotesThe NHS Pension Update is designed for all Staff of all ages.
The NHS Pension Update Seminar is designed to support & compliment the Pre- Retirement Seminar Programme.